The Artist Explains: Vance Joy - 'We're Going Home'

Vance Joy unveiled earlier this month the video for his latest single 'We're Going Home', we had a chat with the man himself about the video, along with the producer of the video Jocelyn Webber.

Where/How was the video filmed?
Jocelyn Webber: We filmed the flashbacks for the video at the house in Cypress Park. The second day we shot all the exteriors and bus at Crummer Canyon in Calabasas.

How does the video compliment the song?
Vance Joy: I think that there is a kind of cinematic and triumphant and urgent feel to the song and I think the video really captures that feeling. I think there are beautiful human moments in this clip. I like when a song can have some kind of emotional power and I think that the performances in the clip add to that emotional force. I love the little cut aways to memories and the gracefulness of the dancers.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Jocelyn Webber: As far as set memories go it's a bit of a blur by now.

I remember the air conditioning on the bus was very weak and it was a very hot day, so that was a bit of a challenge! We were also filming during that time of all the severe CA fires so we were on high alert and had views of the giant plumes of smoke out in the distance coming from Ventura. Also, our EP's son played the baby and it was his first music video, so a special one for us!

What is the video trying to convey, and tell us about some of the ideas used?
Vance Joy: From my perspective their clip captures this idea that home isn’t necessarily a particular place but rather can be a point in time, a memory or a person. We see characters that a seemingly isolated but also unified in their experience of longing for home and connection.

Vance Joy's album 'Nation of Two' is out the 23rd February 2018

Feature created by Ant Adams