Single Review: Tom Forest - 'Monster'

Tom Forest shares the visuals for his  moving single 'Monster, taken from his newly released debut album, 'Hope'.

 It's hard to suppress shivers as Tom Forest's poignant vocal carries through minimial production,  predominately composed of moving piano keys, ethereal textures and slow, almost regimental production. There are ghosts that live inside the song, their haunting presence noted in both the atmosphere and the lyrics.

Whether these lingering ghosts are of loss of self, the past, or other people, this is open to interpretation as 'Monster' digs deep below the surface of how things seem to be, to self examining our deepest pains.

Co-written by Tom and Isabel Gracefield, 'Monster' is a deeply powerful song, that reaches a cathartic crescendo, eluding a sadness that is intoxicating in its beauty. Open to interpretation enough to be accessible to a world of different situations and personal pains outside of its original intentions:

"The song 'Monster' has had different meanings for us since writing it. At first it was from the perspective of a girl with anorexia, then it became about anxiety and vanity. It’s also about being the victim in any toxic relationship, and the abuse of power.

The video is about female experience, what it is to live your life reflected back at yourself, to sometimes be just an object, to live your life in one room

Words of Karla Harris