Single Review: Marié Digby - 'Wildfire'

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Marié Digby shares 'Wildfire' the smouldering title track from her upcoming EP 'Wildfire' which will be independently released on February 9, 2018. 

Sometimes less is more and  Marié Digby's 'Wildfire' is the perfect example of no frills approach to a hard hitting pop ballad. The're s a gloriously breezy feel to the acoustic melody that runs through the song, providing a relaxed backdrop for Digby's sensational, silky vocal to resonate from.

As the track subtly yet effectively introduces new instrumentation, Digby's vocal doesn't get lost in the wonderful new layers. Instead it remains central to the song which moves at a simmering speed, pulling her listener deeper into her sultry love story, where you can almost reach out and touch the heat of the passion described in the lyrical theme.

'Wildfire' is the title track from Digby's forthcoming EP which was produced and mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, OneRepublic, Train) and  is available for pre-order, here.

Words of Karla Harris