Single Review: Angus Powell - 'Truth'

Welsh-based artist Angus Powell shares his shivery new indie folk single, 'Truth' taken from his debut album, 'Before The Grey'.

From the reverence in its hymnal opening, to the mystique found within its wistful (and often foreboding) arrangements,  there's a vivid sense of omnipotence behind Angus Powell's, 'Truth', making its listener wonder what secrets lie between each note. There's beauty found within the desolation here. Powell's arrangements take on the organic feel of earth's four elements, which to me, reiterates this all knowing, existential feeling outside of human knowledge.

Powell's vocal and the poignant words rolling off the tip of his tongue resonate in a haunting way. His narrative is relatable, yet open to interpretation,  allowing his listener to search for their own truth or meaning in the song outside of his own experiences and intentions as he explains;

'Truth’ is one of those songs that has many meanings. On the surface it’s about loss, regret, bad decisions and not having the strength to change things . On a deeper side It’s about control, following in-line because its sometimes easier to do so than going against the grain This was the the first song we worked on when recording ‘Before the Grey’ and one of the last we completed. It started with just Acoustic guitar and vocals and slowly evolved into the song it is now, I always write with pictures in my mind, usually a landscape or a scene of some kind. ‘Truth’ always triggered strong images. Abandoned buildings, derelict houses, empty streets …… a bit apocalyptic”.

Combining contemporary appeal with traditional folk and classical dramatic flourishes, 'Truth' is a song where its power lies in its ability to evoke both emotion and imagination, and Angus Powell is extremely skilled in his ability to condition a reaction.

Words of Karla Harris


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