Live Review: Paramore - The O2, London 12/01/2018

Paramore are a band that have constantly challenged the idea of the 'genre', never defining themselves to one, considering themselves neutral. There are those who remember them from their early emo-angst period, and those who have just become fans with the band's new floaty - power-pop sound. So what happens when you put all of that under one roof? 

A huge show at London's O2 Arena!

Opening the evening with 'Hard Times', sending the crowd into a dancing frenzy. With a heavily dominated 'After Laughter' set, it could of left old fans who had been with them from the start feeling frustrated. However when the intro to 'Misery Business' drops into the set, the venue roars all the way to the back, with everyone screaming the song back to the band.

Hayley Williams controls the stage and audience as she high kicks during songs, and pulls some adventurous dance moves throughout the evening.

You look around the room tonight and it is a mixture of ages, from young teenagers, and even some parents there with children, with both being fans of the band. Paramore are a band I grew up with, and now being in my thirties, it shows that Paramore are a band that can be for everyone. With their genre neutral focus as a band, they are able to tick all boxes. Taking you on a journey of pop, rock and emo all in one evening.

Paramore formed in 2004, but looking at them, they show no signs of aging, they still look as fresh faced as when the first formed and came onto the scene. Fair enough there is a bit more facial hair in some areas, but the one thing that has always stuck with Paramore, from 2004 all the way up to 2018. Is that they sure know how to put on a show, and this is exactly why they are playing venues like the O2 and coming out winning in all situations.

Review and Photography by Ant Adams