Live Review: Motionless In White & Cane Hill - Koko, London 25/01/2018

Motionless In White performed and brought down Camden Town with their headline show at KOKO supported by Cane Hill last Thursday!

A hard heavy party, Cane Hill sure brought to our music capital. With their piercing sound and everlasting ear blasting notes, these guys are certainly a bunch to keep your eyes on. Wowing the crowd with their performance, it wasn't hard to get the audience to mosh out. Pit after pit, enough to bring the house down is what I say. With their energetic performance and unstoppable fans there's no telling what they'll do next.

Cane Hill - KOKO - 25/01/2018

Bang go the drums and wild go the crowd, silence soon became a myth, for 'Motionless' was chanted from all corners of the room. A gothic inspired act that captivate even those with a distinct taste in music. With their album 'Graveyard Shift' being released back in May 2017, the crowd were looking forward to one heck of a show. This incredible mind blowing group never fail to disappoint fans and even new listeners. With their jaw dropping musical skills, their riffs are not only technical but they're musically brilliant! A gob stopping entrance was without doubt expected and they certainly delivered. A darkened stage to arise suspense and the climax atmosphere was like no other. Blood sweat and tears goes in to every note and movement performed on stage by the group. Mosh pits? Music lovers had not yet experienced a mosh until now. With every individual joining in the musical war, there was no place on the ground to stand. Go hard or go home!

Motionless In White - KOKO - 25/01/2018

Their set was of course a masterpiece in itself, perfectly planning the right place and time for each track, the audience at no point loss interest, but were rather singing along to every track that shook the venue with its intense bass line beneath the sharp sounds.

It is safe to say Motionless are far from done with their mission to conquer the metalcore music industry, and with a fan base growing at such a tremendous rate, who knows where they'll take over next. LONDON down, next domination!!!

Photography and Review by Shana Jagger