Listen: Pillow Queens - 'Favourite'

Specialist Subject is always spot on when it comes to picking some amazing bands, so when Pillow Queens came onto our radar, we just had to shout loudly and tell you all about them! Their recent single 'Favourite' is the first taster of the new EP 'State of the State' which is out the 16th March.

Despite being quite a young band, it hasn't taken them long to find their key sound, bouncy guitar hooks and catchy melodies, however don't let that fool you, as their new EP has some darker meaning to it. Opener ‘Puppets’ is “a song about the frustration of trying to succeed in post-recession Ireland and the effect that has on mental health,” explains vocalist/guitarist/bassist Sarah Corcoran.

'State of The State' is the creation of the band finding themselves, touring excessively and getting to understand each other as musicians, and it certainly sees them creating a more mature sound compared to their debut ‘Calm Girls’ EP, which was recorded just after the band got formed.

If you are into music like Spinnerette, and early No Doubt but with a bit more grit thrown at you, then Pillow Queens are certainly the band for you.

Words by Ant Adams

'State of the State' is out the 16th March via Specialist Subject Records