Listen: NYIKO - Completion (Demo)

While there's no shortage of nostalgia-drenched, retro pop, within the indie rock and indie pop genres right now, very few are doing it as pleasantly as NYIKO.

We first stumbled across NYIKO off the back of his single and video, 'Drag Me Down' and NYIKO has pulled that smooth melancholy and brooding vocal from 'Drag Me Down' over to 'Completion (Demo)'. However, in 'Completion (Demo)' NYIKO has dropped the urgency and the angst of 'Drag Me Down' in favour of  a shimmering, romanticized soundscape for a very special reason.

Made in one sitting, 'Completion (Demo)' is a collaboration between NYIKO and his dad, seeing NYIKO put music to his dad's poetry in celebration of his mum's birthday. As beautiful in its sentiment as it is sonically, the track radiates warmth, representing the heat of a flame that will never go out and is such a beautiful reminder that  real love does exist.

Words of Karla Harris