EP Review: Charlotte Lloyd-Butler - 'In The Morning'

Photo Credit - Em Marcovecchio

Charlotte Lloyd-Butler is a Singer Song-Writer based in Falmouth creating music that reflects on personal experiences. 

In the Morning’ is a beautifully crafted EP which incorporates aspects of Modern Rock as well as an Atmospheric Indie sound.  The EP features four tracks; Aching, Grey, In the Morning and Shoreline all of which have a very nostalgic sound as a result of the atmospheric tonality.

The title track ‘In the Morning’ is a multi-layered musical creation which builds as the track continues, merely hinting at the wonderful sounds that lay ahead. The echoing guitar sound in the track ‘Shoreline’ complements Charlotte’s unique voice to bring out a very metallic sound.

In the Morning EP is four songs written over the past three years that I wanted to put into a collection. I didn’t ever decide to sit down and write an EP at any point, songwriting for me is very cathartic so I find myself writing if I have been through a particular emotion or have a change occur in my life. It’s definitely a way to express how I’m feeling or the circumstance I’m in if I can’t get it out any other way. These four songs are just expressions of how I felt at particular points in my life over the past three years” – Charlotte Lloyd-Butler

The use of a full band in this EP is a powerful yet delightful decision as the use of both guitar; played by James Scarle, and drums; played by Zachariah O’Loughlin, creates a diverse range of tones which propels the tracks from Indie to Modern Rock in an instant. Seeing Charlotte perform is always a treat, she gives it her absolute all and you can tell that every band member loves her music just as much as she does. The band, comprising of fellow musicians studying at Falmouth University, are not only her band members; when you watch them play together you can tell the pure warmth that surrounds them as a family. When I found myself photographing band practice it became obvious that there is such a strong bond between all of them.

Charlotte Lloyd-Butler’s EP is now available to stream on Spotify and I would strongly recommend having a little listen.

Review by Em Marcovecchio