Band of the Week #0030 - Dream Wife

This week's Band of the Week is London's Dream Wife, who's self-titled debut album is out today, The word 'cool' is thrown around too often in the music industry, but we have waited for a while for a band like Dream Wife to come along, and we won't lie, they are cool.

The band formed at university in Brighton, however they are now based in London. They have that interesting art vibe that is insanely attractive to everyone. With Rakel Mjöll on lead vocals, Alice Go on guitar and Bella Podpadec on bass, they have brought a whole new level of excitement to the music scene. It happens every couple of years, where a band comes on to the scene and just tears it apart, like when the Strokes came crashing on to the guitar scene or when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs set fire to the indie-rock with their Karen-O fueled punk.

Dream Wife are that band now. So buckle up your seatbelt and get ready for the ride, because its gonna be a rollercoaster.

Their debut album 'Dream Wife' is out today, they play a sold out intimate show at London's Sebright Arms on the 26/01/2018