An Interview With: Seaway

We had a chat with the lads in Seaway whilst they were in London on the last night of their tour. 

Hi! So, how are you guys?
Ryan: We’re great thank you!

So, you released your latest album ‘Vacation’ a few months ago now, and this is your first time touring across England with that album. What was your inspiration for that album? Ryan: Musically, we wanted to extend what Colour Blind was and just kind of make it a little more pop-y, and trying to write catchier, better songs.
Ken: One thing we kept referencing in the studio was like 90’s one hit wonders, so we kept having ideas from references from songs like that, that we kinda grew up on. So definitely like the 90s alternative one hit wonders. It’s probably not a good thing to be inspired by people who only had one good song... 

And how has the album been received on this tour? Do you think it’s been as well received as your previous releases?
Ryan: Yeah i think so, every song that we’ve been playing has been going better than the older stuff for the most part, so yeah!

What songs do you think the crowd has been loving the most?
Ryan: London has been going really well, Lula has been going really well, Car Seat Magazine has been one we’re surprised is going really well, since it’s later in the record, but yeah that ones going really well

Sabrina the Teenage Bitch was the first song I ever heard from your band. How do you think you have progressed as a band since then?
Ryan: Immensely! we’ve released a lot of music since then, I hope we’ve progressed, but we’re the same vibe, we were just a bit different back then. Our sound has definitely changed.

Do you still get a lot of requests to play it?
*laughter from the band* every single day 

How does the song writing process go for you all? Is there one person that takes the lead or do you all contribute ideas here and there?
Ryan: Patrick and I kinda start the songs and write; I guess, the majority of it, but this time around we did a lot of pre production and it was more of a collaborative effort this time round than it has been in the past, which is cool and I think it made for a better record.

Thinking of smaller bands, is there anyone we should be listening to right now alongside your music?
Ryan: Lizzy Farrall and Woes for sure! Texas king, [they’re] boys from back home from Ontario! Andrew: Cold Fronts! 
Ryan: Yeah, Cold Fronts are a good one! Rarity too, Rarity are a smaller band from back home, touring tour over here soon, playing with Casey!

You’ve played across the UK and America/Canada numerous times now, have you found there’s any differences between the two in terms of atmosphere and the crowd?
Ryan: I mean, it’s definitely different, it’s a different vibe touring the UK because we’ve just toured England in just over a week, whereas like tours are a lot longer in the states y’know? Sometimes the bigger markets are a lot further between but that’s just what comes with touring the states y’know. But yeah but i dunno, there’s definitely pros and cons to both, I can’t really pick one or the other

We’re only at the start of 2018. Have you got any big plans this year?
Ryan: We’re about to do a Neck Deep tour in the States, tomorrow we actually start that, and then after that we’ll probably do, I think a Canadian headliner or something. Other than that, we don’t really have much planned

Andrew: We’re just trying to figure out the rest of the year still

Are there any festivals you’d like to do this year?
Ryan: Uh, yeah, we’d like to do any festivals really. *laughter from band* I dunno, there’s some festivals in Canada that I’d like to do. Probably festivals that no one really knows about anywhere else other than Canada. That’s kinda like a goal for us
Andrew: The one we were talking about today too, 2000 Trees?
Ryan: Yeah 2000 trees! That sounds like a lot of fun, we’ve had a lot of friends bands play there that say a lot of great things about it

This is the final show of your UK tour right? How are you feeling about it?
Ryan: Yeah we’re looking forward to it tonight! London is always one of the biggest shows on the tour so it’s always one we’re always looking forward to, hopefully London shows up haha

What are some highlights from this tour, outside of playing shows?
Ryan: To be honest, we didn’t do too much, we don’t really do much outside of shows. It’s kinda just because it’s a really short tour and there’s no days off or anything and we’re going right into this next tour.
Andrew: Yeah, we’re kinda more chilled out a bit
Ken: We usually have an off day where we’ll hike in the Lake District and stuff like that, but there’s no days off and we’re playing California tomorrow and we don’t have a day off for a few days even after that so I think we’re all just trying to survive

Have you got any favourite places here?
Ryan: We always have a really good time in Glasgow, we have a couple friends up there that always show us a good time so Glasgow is always fun. I really like manchester too, we didn’t really get to do anything in Manchester this time.
Ken: I like Brighton but we’ve only been there for the first Neck Deep tour, we haven’t been back so I’d like to go back sometime.

And lastly, you’re playing London tonight. What do you think of London?
Ryan: I was actually talking to, I can’t remember who, but my knowledge of London is pretty much just Camden Town but there’s so many towns we haven’t explored yet, even like tonight, we haven’t had chance. For such a big city, my knowledge of the city is Camden and Scala.
Andrew: We did like Rrafalgar Square and stuff when we first came too!

'Vacation' is out now via Pure Noise Records