Single Review: Nick Wilson - 'Headlights'

London-based singer songwriter Nick Wilson releases poignant single, 'Headlights'.

'Headlights' marks the fourth and final song to be released from Nick Wilson this year and sees the artist build on his folk acoustic roots with the introduction of some retro electronics, which adds another level of intrigue to his work.

First and foremost, Wilson is a stunning vocalist and songwriter and 'Headlights' makes sure the sincere lyrical content and emotional vocal delivery is a focal point. By introducing 80s style synth and gritty driving basslines, we are hearing a new dimension to Wilson's music that feels really magical and otherworldly, without taking away any of the evocation of his lyrical theme.

'Headlights' is a song about feeling stuck in rut during a relationship where nothing ever changes,
"I think we’ve all had those moments, those times when you’ve been arguing for so long that you feel like it might not ever end, but you know it will."

Produced by Wilson himself and mastered at Metropolis, 'Headlights' indicates a really wonderful progression of sound and a new side to Wilson's talent, that I'd love to hear more of next year.

Words of Karla Harris