Single Review: Georgi Kay - 'GUILTY PLEASURES'

Georgi Kay tackles forbidden love and lust in insatiable new single, 'GUILTY PLEASURES'.

Inappropriate love and lust can come with a dark, addictive intense quality that Georgi Kay deeply weaves into the production and her honest vocal in 'GUILTY PLEASURES' - a song about love shared between two people while one of them is already in a happy relationship.

With its ticking electronic beats and foreboding hazy synth , 'GUILTY PLEASURES' moves at a relaxed pace which seems to add to the tension of the track's theme. As the sonic elements carry a  warped air of warning and an explosive urge to connect, the narrator lives out their fantasy confined to an otherworldy dream world. This allows the narrator to imagine what could be if those feelings were acted on, while longingly recognising the sad reality of the situation and the moral implication of how unhealthy, unfair and unrealistic the situation is.

With her cool, confident, production and substantial lyrical themes, Georgi Kay hits the spot with every new release. I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for her.

Words of Karla Harris