Single Review: CHILDCARE - 'Put Down Your Pen'

Subdued, moody & slightly melancholy. Not words you would normally associate with London 4 piece CHILDCARE, but new single "Put Down Your Pen" adds yet another string to the band's ever growing bow. 

Opening with the track title lyrics, lead singer Ed wraps the words around a steady drum beat and gritty guitar tone. 'I know I'm giving up its true, but I need me more than I need you'. Now there's a lesson in love we could all live by! CHILDCARE lyrics always venture into the thought provoking, but never more so than in 'Put Down Your Pen'.

However, whilst this does show another side to what is normally a get up and go, dance till your feet hurt kind of band, there is still that trademark sway that we have come accustomed too with previous singles 'Omega Grey', 'Film Club' & 'Kiss?' The head bopping, endearing beat continues through to an outro that signifies why this band are destined for stardom.

Whip off your shirt and wave it above your head whilst singing along to a chorus of independence and power. I recently caught the band live and their performance on stage matches that of the recordings. I highly recommend you check them out if they are playing in a city or town near you. Even if they aren't, do yourself a favour, have a night out and go see them. For your ears sake if nothing else!

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