Q&A - Sad Boys Club - 'Know' (Single)

We had a chat with Crouch End lads, Sad Boys Club, about their debut single 'Know', which is an open vein of dark indie-pop, reminding us of the early albums by the Cure with a big 1975 style chorus. 

Where was the track 'Know' recorded?
Know’ took a while to get together; some stems still exist from the original demo done in Tom's parents' basement, the drums were recorded at The Pool, the guitars were mostly done at Hackney Road Studios, and then we had a couple of afternoons on vocals and other bits and pieces at Duncan Mills' room at Strongroom Studios. Anywhere we could wheel a deal, really.

What are the ideas and themes behind the track?
Thematically it's in keeping with most of what's to come; alienation, validation and the hunt for a sense of self-worth always seem to crop up. I think that's just a symptom of the bigger picture of growing up, though. It's definitely not all bleak.

Any in the studio behind the scenes stories?
One evening at Hackney Road, an 'industry legend' called Steve Honest (who actually founded the studio) decided he wasn't happy with the volume of our guitars, having heard them from the shop above. Mid-take, he took it upon himself to stroll through the control room and stop the recording. 'It's too loud' said 'industry legend' Steve Honest. 'Have you ever been in a studio before?' said 'industry legend' Steve Honest, furious as he noticed a capped bottle of water stood on the table next to the mixing desk he'd just decided to turn off mid-take. Soon things took a turn for the worse as 'industry legend' Steve Honest decided to call our notoriously lovable producer Duncan a word I couldn't possibly repeat in a Q&A my mother will most likely read. Fists were thrown, necks were grabbed, guitars were swung - I observed, ruthlessly, from some considerable distance, keen to grab details that might one day make for a good Q&A response. Following a few rounds which Duncan undoubtedly won, and a brief exchanging of manly cliches 'shall we take this outside?', 'do you want some more?', 'don't come in here swinging your dick', we were asked to pack up our equipment and leave. We got 50% of our money back from the studio. 'Industry legend' Steve Honest now runs a vegan shoe shop.

The year is coming to a close, what are the bands plans for 2018?
We got going quite late in the year, so there are a lot of variables still for us depending on how things go down but we want to play as many shows as we can. Our first focus is the next single which we hope we'll get together for the end of January.

Feature created by Ant Adams