PREMIERE: I AM WILLOW - 'Colourless' (Single)

I AM WILLOW decides to live life on her own terms in brand new single, 'Colourless'.

'Colourless' opens with bare piano notes (whose bones are noticeable throughout the track), providing a 90s conscious hip hop feel to the song, before delving into I AM WILLOW's signature yet subtle, electronic experimentation and penchant for cinematic aesthetics. With each sleek new track, I AM WILLOW reveals not only a new side to her artistry, but offers exploration into who she is as a person and 'Colourless' is arguably her most self-examining track to date.

For me, there's more of a solid, urban feel to the influences behind 'Colourless' than any of I AM WILLOW's previous tracks, although the song is rich with culture and authenticity, still carrying an ethereal chill in parts,before bringing the vibrant taste of eastern influences to the track's close.

I AM WILLOW tells us of the track, "'Colourless' is about not being afraid to truly be myself without worrying about what others think. For way too long I made decisions based on what I thought others expected of me but I realised it was only leading me down an unhappy path. That's when I took a step back, spent some time getting to know myself better and found a way to be the best person I can be. I still care what others think of me, but it doesn't stop me for doing what feels right to me."

Through 'Colourless' I AM WILLOW has found substance in both self-acceptance and self-actualization. This is the perfect reminder for us all to stay true to our own special hues.

Words of Karla Harris