Live Review: Good Charlotte w/ Against the Current, Milk Teeth & Nothing Nowhere - Rock City, Nottingham 28/11/2017

After twenty years on the scene, Good Charlotte are out to prove they’ve still got it what it takes in an extremely saturated scene. The pop punk five piece were joined by Nothing Nowhere, Milk Teeth & Against the Current on their short sweep of UK shows.

Opening act Joe Mulherin, also known as Nothing Nowhere, infuses emo & hip hop which portrays a dark yet extremely humble stage presence. His collection of melancholic singles perfectly complements his effortlessly beautiful vocal range. Despite the audience’s age range, the crowd watched silently, appreciating the boldness of his performance. Despite the depressing tone to his discography, the crowd appreciate his talent, cheering after each single. Despite the serious talent on offer, the performance felt slightly out of place on this light hearted bill. Nevertheless, a great performance from an up and coming artist.

Brit punks Milk Teeth have had an eventful couple of years, supporting thriving acts such as Tonight Alive & Creeper, alongside touring the US. Their maturity certainly shone through their performance, with frontwoman Becky Bloomfield providing an infectious energy, taking charge of the stage. Opener Nearby Catfight goes down a treat with the crowd, showcasing obligatory catchy hooks and a poppy chorus to die for. As well as Bloomfield, members Billy Hutton & Chris Webb practically ooze charisma throughout the set, thrashing around and involving the crowd at every opportunity. Even when the pace relaxes, the momentum and energy remains incredibly high, keeping the crowd on their toes. Personal favourite Owning Your Okayness sounds huge this evening, setting the bar for UK punk.

US pop-rock outfit Against The Current nab the top support slot this evening, and for good reason. Frontwoman Chrissy Costanza takes no time in introducing herself, owning the stage from the off. Singles from most recent release In Our Bones go down a treat, with Kerrang’s song of the year nominee Running With The Wild Things ensuing synchronized jumping around the room. The energy never stops with these guys; Costanza leaps around the stage, whilst effortlessly nailing her incredibly impressive vocals. It’s clear that older singles are loved within the room when the five piece explode into older release Gravity. Yet again, Costanza’s vocal range is nothing short of mind-blowing, initiating cheers from the rowdy crowd. Closing single Wasteland combines rebellious lyrics with an influx of energy, keeping spirits high for the headliner.

As the lights drop, screams echo around the room – it seems that this evening is an ode to those who are not ready to let go of their angsty pop punk teenage years. Rolling straight into The Anthem was always going to go down a treat – the sing alongs are out in full force this evening, with every single person bouncing around in excitement. The nostalgia doesn’t stop there, with a handful of singles from release The Young & The Hopeless making an appearance; Riot Girl going down particularly well with the lively crowd. It’s clear that the Madden brothers know how to please their audience, showcasing a variety of popular singles from across their entire discography. Frontman Joel Madden takes the time to chat with fans, thanking them for their loyalty to the band after their 20 year reign. Despite showcasing newer singles, it’s clear that fans are here for the golden oldies. Highlights come from oldest single Little Things, melancholic ballad Emotionless and The River. Each single sounds just as fresh as it did all those years ago, sparking admiration throughout the crowd. Finishing single Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous tops off an incredibly impressive display from the US pop punks, and shows that they are far from over.

Words by Cait Briggs