Listen: Typhoon - 'Rorschach' (Single)

Portland 11-piece Typhoon release sublime new single 'Rorschach' taken from their forthcoming album 'Offerings'.

No one makes such beautiful, catchy, melancholic alternative indie rock like Typhoon do. 'Rorschach' opens with a wonderful chiming guitar melody and atmospheric arrangements before Kyle Morton's gorgeously defeated vocal comes in. Ironically, I just love the cracks and rawness to his voice and it makes me happy every time I listen to him sing.

From crisp and clean twinkling arrangements, to hazy, searing distorted arrangements, 'Rorschach' is a multi-faceted song that is bleak and beautiful all at once and fills me with so much joy every time I press play on it.  Just wonderful.

Words of Karla Harris