Single Review: Talena Bricker - 'Drowning'

Pacific Northwest native and indie-folk musician Talena Bricker  shares, 'Drowning' the title track from her debut EP. 

Talena Bricker has been writing music for seventeen years, but it is only now that she is bringing her music to public attention and we are very grateful for that.

Following in a similar vein of Agnes Obel, there's a wonderful, transfixing tone to Bricker's voice on 'Drowning' - making the vocal delivery and darkly poetic lyrical themes of loss, longing, regret and deep sadness, as evocative and poignant as the song's shuddering instrumentation.

'Drowning' is an incredibly beautiful yet bleak introduction to Bricker's sound, seeing her pull from waltzy, dark folk influences and classical pop, leaving her listener feeling haunted by the ghosts of what once was and what could have been.

Words of Karla Harris

Talena Bricker's 'Drowning' EP is available for pre-order here.