Listen: Stevie Wolf - 'Who'

New York based artist Stevie Wolf brings a whole lot of soul on smooth new single, 'Who'. 

From its spacious and evocative intro, to its buoyant, rhythmic hook, Stevie Wolf's 'Who' has "instant likability" written all over it.  'Who' has a contagious, feel-good nature to its subtle yet effective arrangements, influenced by retro electro pop and bluesy rock.

With its blissful melodies and Stevie's warm and sincere vocal delivery, the lyrics are vivid with imagery that almost feels tangible at times. There's also a vulnerable poignancy to the chorus, as 'Who' takes on a self examining form whilst simultaneously holding a mirror up to its listener, asking the thought-provoking question;  "who are you when you're alone?" - inviting his listener to explore their true selves right alongside him.

Words of Karla Harris


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