Listen: Acres - 'Unwelcome'

The South Coast boys, Acres, are back, with new single 'Unwelcome', which seems them turning it up to ten with everything we love about them as a band.

Vocalist Ben Lumber says that ‘Unwelcome’ “is a song about the struggles of addiction. It’s a personified account of dealing with the struggle of loving something that’s hurting you and deciding to cut it out of your life. Everyone has dealt with something poisonous in their life be it drugs, alcohol or a toxic relationship. I wanted to capture that feeling of realising that there is an issue and then doing something about it.”

Well known for their unique take on melodic hardcore, the track 'Unwelcome' builds and builds until it explodes at just the right moment, unleashing until conclusion for the track.

Words by Ant Adams

The single comes ahead of the band’s European shows, which kick off in Hannover. Acres’ debut album is expected to be released at some point in 2018.

Mainland Europe Tour Dates:
08.12 Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover (DE)
09.12 EMP Rawr! Party, Bochum (DE)
10.12 Rock Cafe, Prague (CZ)
11.12 DK Luksus, Wroclaw (PL)
12.12 Dasbach, Vienna (AT)
13.12 Durer Kert, Budapest (HU)
14.12 The Factory, Verona (IT)
15.12 Champmesle, Genev (CH)
16.12 Floodfest, Dendermonde (BE)