Interview With: Press to Meco

We had a sit down with the lads in Press To Meco to talk about hornets and the new moodier sound on their album. 

Are there any tracks on the upcoming album that you’re excited about?
All of them

Yeah, all the new ones, because with the old ones we’ve been playing them for a while now and now we’re slipping in three new tracks, that no one would have ever heard on this tour and we’ve got two tracks that we released as singles so all of that is really fun to play fresh

Yeah, so it’s four or five songs that we’ve not played before, so it’s fun for us.

How did you guys find the recording process?

Good, I think that anything like this as a band is always a learning process. This was like the fourth person we’ve recorded with and the body of the work that we’ve done and it was as smooth as it could have been in our career and just fun. Machine who we recorded it with is a good guy, and we worked well together. We out to America for it.

I literally put on a stone when we were out there, but it was a good thing, but because we were living off noodles, cheetos and Top Ramen but every morning and every evening we would just eat Burgers and Ramen.

There was a grill and you’re out overlooking a creek so you’re just cooking outside everyday

It was so sick. Lewis saw one of the craziest bugs in his life, what was it called?

Hornet wasp I think?

No, Tarantula wasp?

Oh Tarantula Hawk, that sounds beastly anyway, but imagine a hornet that ate ten other hornets and became them.

It was like the Hulk of Hornets

Honestly I was expecting it to be a Tarantula

So imagine a bug that flies and eats Tarantulas

Now that I’ve said that I feel like I’m making it up, but we saw that man, I swear. Theres this guy on YouTube that is on a mission to work his way up to getting stung buy a bullet ant, which are supposed to have the worst sting in the world, and the Tarantula Hawk is the second most painful, so we watched this dude sting himself and he’s on the floor in pain. So who know’s what question you asked us to get onto that.

Are there any dates in particular that you’re looking forward to playing on the tour?

At the end of this we’re playing with Sikth and we’re playing the Koko in London, which will be really good, so were really excited for that.

That part of the tour is a bunch of venues that we’re excited to play, even if there’s no one there it will still be fun to play as a band.

Does that mean you’re playing venues you went to growing up?

I played a few weird venues when I was younger, but since then I’ve wanted this band to play them, as we’d have so much fun on the stage, and we’re playing them with two bands we love so we’re excited about that, because we’ll get to finish our set and watch those two bands perform.

Do you guys have plans after the tour finishes?

I’m going to go home, work, probably spend a lot of time at my girlfriends house playing Battlefront Two, and we’re going to play another show, have Christmas

After Christmas, we need to not play again and write the next album.

I love that you’re ready to crack on with the next album

We recorded the last one, last year, so it’s just taken ages. You just need to keep going with the writing.

I feel like because this year has been up and down that we’ve thought we were going to release it ten million different ways and had a plan, then brought it back with a different plan. This whole we’ve not known if we’re going to get this material out yet, so it’s a a plan to start moving forward and focus on the next thing.

Focusing back on the unreleased album, have you guys got a different sound.

There is definitely a new sound, it’s just a bit darker and moodier as we’ve become more upset with ourselves. Let the record state that we are very upset, we are displeased and hope the album shows that.

I mean we’re not actually miserable, but we really wanted to write some moody music because that’s cool right?

I feel like my inner emo phase will be reappearing with this new album

In all seriousness it sounds like Press To Meco, there’s just a few different sounds and vibes to it that we’ve never had before.

Are there any bands that you would really like to jump on a tour with?

Yeah, Pup would be a good band.

He says that, like it sounds like it’s impossible.

We’re all big Manchester Orchestra fans, oh Billy Talent, that would be sick.

I’d like to tour with Guns and Roses, because it would be such an experience. I would just want to see it, but I don’t know if it would be that spectacular, and would be herbal tea’s and massages backstage, but the good thing is we’d get all of their sloppy seconds. All the oldies turning up thinking they’re going to get wild but they won’t do it so it will get passed to us.

Interview by Heather Lowe