AnastasiaMax - 'Dirty' (single & video)

AnastasiaMax returns with their latest blissful and biting offering, 'Dirty', accompanied by thrilling visuals set in a prison.

Thematically, 'Dirty' explores feelings of self loathing, guilt, and a hate-filled, toxic kind of love. The intensity of the theme is evident through the song's searing indie rock arrangements and AnastasiaMax's urgent and intoxicating, shared vocals.

There's something incredibly special about AnastasiaMax and the twisted, intelligent, enchanting angst-fuelled, alternative music that they are creating. AnastasiaMax are self aware, driven by the this dark, passionate, courageous inner strength. Maturely fighting back against the shared feelings and experiences that impact negatively on the human condition. Finding a place where we can all dance with our demons until we find the light.

I absolutely adore everything about AnastasiaMax and their whole ethos.

Words of Karla Harris