Single Review: Land Of Trees - 'There's A Reason'

Indie-folk artist Land of Trees  legitimizes the severity of inner pain and the importance of remaining hopeful in new single, 'There's A Reason'.

Land Of Trees is the project of Marcus Friman who has been living a nomadic lifestyle in Sweden, where more than half of the territory is covered by lush forests - a wonderful setting to reflect and find connectivity with ourselves and the world around us, in times of personal struggle.

With that in mind, 'There's A Reasons' is a very gentle and organic song that ties the darkness of the forest floor and internal conflict, to an airy, magnificent, expansive feeling of healing, through use of soothing understanding vocals, haunting guitar notes and a gorgeous viola arrangement.

'There's A Reason' is an introspective, empathetic, and encouraging song, breaking through the barriers of solitude and acting as a reminder we are not alone, and things can get better, if we take the time to search for the remedy inside ourselves.

Words of Karla Harris