The Band Explains: SKIES - 'Dead' (Video)

When The Horn Blows favourite's, SKIES, have finished off an amazing year by putting out a new EP called 'We Fear Change', along with new single 'Dead' and headline show at London's Thousand Island this November. 

We had a chat with them about their video for the new track. 

How was the video for 'Dead' filmed?
The video was directed and filmed by Visual Line. The video for ‘Dead’ was filmed in their studio in Dover, Kent. The video is set in the waiting room of a doctors surgery which was really nicely recreated by the Visual Line guys and we had one day to finish the set and film! We used varying shot styles, we did a lot of time-lapses and stop motion as well as some special effects and different lighting.

How does the video compliment the song?
The track is about illness and facing that, so the video is all about the thoughts that would go through your head while you’re waiting for some test results. Illness is such a weird thing and I’d been thinking about it a lot as a few people I know are going through/have gone through some really tough illnesses and so it was just a bit of an outlet for my thoughts on that really.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The veins on our skin took half an hour per section to film and create so that meant we had to sit dead still for a long time which was more brutal than you might think. Same with the time-lapse, trying not to laugh when the crew and extras were saying stupid things, was hard but was a lot of fun too!

What is the message of the video trying to convey and tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The visuals, like cracks appearing in the walls and veins creeping up our arms and faces is all about the thoughts you face during a serious illness – or getting the news you have a serious illness. Everything must collapse around you. There’s also little specs of dust flying around, which gives a sense of every particle closing in around you and the feeling of how aware you’d be of every cell in your body. The song boils down to this lyric: “There’s nowhere to go except ahead”. It’s that idea that there’s nowhere else to go, except to fight and move forward and although we don’t know what’s ahead - or we do know what’s ahead and we’re told it’s bad, we have to try and fight, even if we feel we can’t.

SKIES headline Thousand Island on the 7th November, buy your tickets here

Their EP 'We Fear Change' is our now in association with Scruff of the Neck