The Band Explains: Anastasia Max - 'All Went Black'

Florida, teen, brother/sister duo, Anastasia Max, speak to us about their ominous visuals for their accomplished debut single. 'All Went Black'.

'Intelligently crafted and 100% enthralling,  All Went Black' sees Anastasia Max set a foreboding tone as they pull from their own distinguished well of gothic, indie, alternative, rock and blues influences. Anastasia's haunting vocal and mature lyricism flawlessly rises out from Max's intricate and exciting guitar work, seeing the track boldly extending its arms and dragging its listener deeper into the vibrant, heart of Anastasia Max's gritty, yet polished, underworld of sound.

Anastasia Max Explains
Where was the video for 'All Went Black' filmed?

 Max: The video was filmed in a couple of locations over a two day period. The school bus was the first day. It was a studio set inside of a warehouse. It was pretty dope how they worked all of that out. Our director is a total bad ass, so he made it look completely legit.

The second part, on day two was supposed to be two different locations. The first was the very beginning of the video when Anastasia gets on the bus, that was a residential neighborhood in Dania and that part went pretty smoothly. For the second location with the fire scene, not so much... lol We attempted to film at this sugar cane field in Miami..but when we got there with the all of the trucks and crew and cast, the field hadn't been cleared for us..and because of the way our schedules were it was the absolute last day that we had to film in order to release by Halloween. So we literally packed up the trucks and RAN back up to Broward to film at this park that we looked at as a back up location....but...our permits weren't right so they kicked us out! They were actually calling the sheriff on us, as we were packing up and trying to find another spot to film the fire. Luckily at the last minute, we thought of this friend of ours, who has a studio in his house and he has the coolest backyard. He always has parties and shows there and we had just played there a couple of months before, so we called him and he totally hooked us up. Huge shout out to Apparatus Studios for saving the day.

How does the video connect with the song?
Anastasia: I was 12 when I wrote All Went Black, and middle school was kind of a horrible time for me. I was pretty awkward, even more awkward than I am now, lol so I didn't really have many friends and never felt like I fit in anywhere. So, I guess the emotions that you hear in the song, come from the pain of all that. I really want to try to be someone who brings attention to how negative and damaging that kind of bullying can be for kids. Sometimes young people don't even realize the amount of pain they're causing someone else. No one should have to go to school for weeks at a time with no one to talk to.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Max: Behind the scenes was pretty much covered in the location stories.. oh except for the fact that we were on set 7 am till 7 pm then played a show and were back on set by 8am the next morning.

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?

Anastasia: The concept for the video was to try to show how overwhelming and scary, taunting and exclusion can feel to a person with anxiety. We really tried to exaggerate that by using the masks. The way the video ends, with my band waiting for me is really symbolic. Those people are my support system. My brother (Max) and Pino (Stephanie Pino my bass player) and Sage (Sage Duvall our drummer) are there for me and have helped me, more than they know. I love them so much.

What do you hope people take away from watching the video?
Max: What I hope people take away from the video is just to stop and think sometimes about what someone else is feeling or going through. I wish my sister never had to go through that negativity, but she’s stronger because of it so that’s the silver lining.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris