The Artist Explains: Liza Anne - 'Paranoia'

Nashville indie rock artist Liza Anne talks candidly about her visuals for, 'Paranoia', the lead single from her debut album, 'Fine But Dying' due for release March 9th 2017 via Arts & Crafts.
“Paranoia,” is a bold and powerful song with dual personalities - depicted through gentle, sweet and spacious melodies which are juxtaposed by biting moments of claustrophobic, distorted walls of sound. The song drags  Liza Anne' own inner demons to the surface as the song's theme describes her own experience with panic anxiety disorder.

Liza Anne Explains

Where was the video for 'Paranoia' filmed?
In Nashville - Josh and Brett (director and art director) built the set in this large studio space.

How does the video connect with the song?
It depicts the duality that can exist within one human being - especially the movement between sane and insane and that fine line that one experiences during panic - internally things are dark and dysfunctional but externally the opposite might be the thing presented. We are walking contradictions - everything and nothing all at once.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Making this video felt like being introduced to myself. I felt like I got to go back and heal an old wound and then step out of the frame and go on with my life - healthier and more whole. That’s all I could want from a piece of art, anyways.

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
There is so much there - some of the letters and art work covering the walls are from my last mental spiral, there is “the chariot” tarot card on the wall (symbolizing two opposing realities within the subconscious). The entire video is symbolic of the dualistic way we live, feel and portray our emotions.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
Anything I make is made to convey some small shadow of reality that I have lived. I made it for the same reason I make anything - to validate and heal myself. I guess if anything, I hope people feel a small mirror of that emotion.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris