Single Review: Sleeping Lion - 'Stop It' (Stripped)

Boston-based indie pop duo, Sleeping Lion share a stripped version of their single, 'Stop It'. 

One of my favourite things in music is when bands and artists rework their original songs, (especially when they trade in electronic elements for live instrumentation) which is exactly what Sleeping Lion (Nate Flaks & Noah Longworth McGuire) have done with 'Stop It'.

Inherently affecting, the original song was co-written by Nate Flaks & Abby Carey during and about the final weeks of their relationship. While the original definitely does not scrimp on evocation, it's pretty chilled in essence. Sleeping Lion have really tapped into the emotional roots of the song by reworking the track from a cinematic point of view, with the use of guitar, piano and an incredible string trio (yes, i'm a sucker for strings).

Sleeping Lion have had a huge response from the original and rightly so. What I'm really hoping is people continue to connect with the reworking, it's one of those intense and emotional songs that is so real and full of feeling, it would be very fitting featuring on-screen alongside a major movie moment.

Words of Karla Harris