Single Review: STITCH - 'Fool'

London based alt-pop trio STITCH make their powerful debut with, 'Fool', taken from their debut EP which is due for release early 2018.

Comprised of Nikita, Gray and Kye, all three members of STITCH are multi-instrumentalists who write, perform and self-produce their music from their West London living room, and 'Fool' sees STITCH make their debut with enough force to make the earth's tectonic plates shudder.

Following somewhere between the sound of  London Grammar and Imogen Heap, 'Fool' is a bold, emotive and explosive synth-pop ballad, seeing the band concerned with aesthetically pleasing and dramatic soundscapes, but also deeply invested in producing good-quality lyrics that not only resonate, but are easy to sing along to.

Nikita's vocal take the lead on this one, showing a seamless transition from her potent lower range to the ethereal lightness to her tone, but there's also some really intense and affecting vocal harmonies as the track progresses. I'm really excited to be writing about these three and so intrigued to see what their debut EP has to offer, which will be released early 2018!

Words of Karla Harris