Single Review: Sad Palace - 'Melody Crux'

South Coast quartet Sad Palace stream latest single, Melody Crux, out now via Kissability. 

One of my favourite things about Sad Palace is their ability to bring something new to each track they release, without losing their signature left of center indie pop appeal.

'Melody Crux' is an ambitious track that comes with a retro, victorious air to it, led by a chilly infectious dance groove and rousing vocal that reaches soulful falsetto with ease. As the track bubbles and simmers to a textured close, it's interesting to note that the jovial nature of the track becomes slightly more disorientated and intense, which reflects the change of mood in the lyrical theme.

On the track Sad Palace explain: 'Most of the lyrics were written on a night out, sometimes you go out partying for the night when you really shouldn't. It's a weird feeling, being out dancing and drinking, and then realising you're just not in the mood.The music stays really upbeat as the words slowly deteriorate with the night, because the night doesn't care about your feelings, it goes on anyway.'

'Melody Crux' follows on from Sad Palace’s previous single 'Frostbeat' which was released on limited edition tape as part of International Cassette Store Day earlier this year, and comes with a music video that Sad Palace spoke to us about, here.

Words of Karla Harris