Single Review: Loyal Lobos - 'Dirt'

Colombia-born, Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Loyal Lobos shares raw indie folk single, 'Dirt'. 

Loyal Lobos (Andrea Silva) is putting her own stamp on melancholic folk, combining a rough around the edges, guitar-drive indie appeal, which only heighten the evocation that runs through the veins of her songs.

'Dirt' is a moving and honest track that opens with a disjointed drum rhythm and languorous yet grooving guitar lines. Loyal Lobos' pure and haunting vocal  juxtaposes the darker lyrical theme as she dreamily croons, "so lay my head beneath the earth and teach my lungs to breathe the dirt".
As the song progresses, Loyal Lobos makes room for really warm country textures to shine through her melodies, feeling like a huge hug enveloping her vulnerable vocals and lyrics.

On the track Loyal Lobos "Dirt is a song about toxic attractions. Chemicals fooling you and your instincts and for the moment it seems real and special but then it isn’t but you can’t help but surrender sometimes. Dirt is about an apocalyptic hookup."

In its entirety, 'Dirt' carries an aura heavy with emotion, yet shines with a disarming beauty, coaxing its listener into reliving the experience. Over and over again.

Words of Karla Harris