Single Review: Laminate Pet Animal - 'Solace'

Leeds electronica trio Laminate Pet Animal  search for a place of 'Solace' in lush new single. 

With its organic samples, pulsing bass lines and dreamy vocals, Laminate Pet Animal's 'Solace' takes its listener through a dense rainforest of intricate and aesthetically pleasing sounds that speak to all of the senses.

While the lyrics are pretty weighty, reflecting on a troubled past relationship and longing to move forward, they're delivered through absolutely blissful vocals. The chorus comes with a poppy melody that marries the band's exploratory nature with accessibility in a really lovely way.

Sometimes when accessing problematic situations, a little bit of escapism is exactly what is needed. I love the chilled and vibrant place that Laminate Pet Animal take me to every time I listen to 'Solace'.

Words of Karla Harris