Heron - 'Shores' (Single)

Stepping up for their third WTHB review from their 2017 post-rock-infused debut ‘You Are Here Now’, will opening album track ‘Shores’ offer Heron a perfect hat-trick or crushing last-minute own goal?

Given that ‘Shores’ is essentially their first welcoming to a new audience, there’s much to admire in presenting a considered, and indeed extended, piece of music rather than bludgeoning with a short, sharp shock of noise. Gently gliding in with a spacious opening section, the accompanying chordal swell gets things off to a promising start.

With little warning, things pick up considerably with drums and spiked guitar notes leading the way in a frenetic change of pace. All good so far. Heron choose to drop proceedings down several notches with a quiet interlude of meandering chords, which serves to break the momentum and leave the listener guessing as to the next steps. However, the sequences fall into focus with the remaining thirty-or-so seconds of perfectly executed release, ensuring the track as a whole delivers a satisfying, varied take on emotive instrumental music.

While the album has much on offer (see previous reviews of album tracks ‘Drop’ and ‘Archives’), ‘Shores’ is expertly crafted, beautifully produced and a further reminder of the promise shown by Heron. Thankfully the Pennsylvania boys walk away with the WTHB match ball, rather than their heads in their hands.

Single Review by @DS_convertible