Single Review: Galapaghost - 'Pulse'

Texas-based singer-songwriter Galapaghost releases new single, 'Pulse' taken from his upcoming fourth album. 

Galapaghost is the solo project of Woodstock, New York native Casey Chandler, who currently has three albums under his belt and is preparing to release his fourth album, 'Pulse' on January 12, 2018.

With influences that span indie folk, folk rock, electronica and cinematic pop,  Galapaghost's 'Pulse' makes use of affecting chord progressions and organic, atmospheric nuances, providing a  haunting and emotive backdrop to his moving vocal and profound lyrical content.

Influenced by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, the sorrow and despair is almost stifling as Galapaghost reflects on the  needless violence in the world lamenting, "but we'll hear it all again, we'll feel it all again, the cycle never ends" and as the track builds to its chilling, cinematic close, the gravity of the piece rings true.

Words of Karla Harris