Single Review: Fred Page - 'Saw It Off'

UK singer-songwriter  Fred Page shares impressive indie-rock track 'Saw It Off'  - a call for cutting losses and moving on. 

There's a song for every mood right? Fred Page's 'Saw It Off' is a really nice reminder to remove yourself from the things that are no longer meant for you and keep on moving forward.  While I recommend that anyone listening doesn't actually take a saw to any part of, or persons in their life,  there's a huge amount of catharsis found within the lyrics and ethos here.

Stylistically and vocally,  'Saw It Off' reminded me a lot of the rare, brooding, upbeat alt rock gems that you could pull from back catalogue of  The Gaslight Anthem. A little closer to home here in the UK, I also felt a little bit of a joyous stirring within me that I associate with Ben Howard. For me, Fred Page's vocal holds a little bit of British indie folk inflection and carries this whole rousing,  'Keep Your Head Up' mantra of just pushing through, regardless.

I'm really glad that Fred Page is on my radar, not only because 'Saw It Off' is infused with this really warm and catchy guitar and percussive led groove, but because it's really rare to find artists who take dark feelings and spin them into feel good moments of reflection. This is the kind of song that makes you want to dance away any residual feelings of emotional displacement and embrace the wonderful mess that you are!

Words of Karla Harris