Single Review: Fond of Rudy - 'To Be Mine'

Fond of Rudy releases exciting new indie pop anthem, 'To Be Mine'. 

‘To Be Mine’ captures a moment, where one realises someone is destined to be together. ‘To Be Mine’ stands out from past material - rather than dwell deep into romantic storytelling, Matt prefers to be direct and blunt in an infectious chorus.

The group explain that the song was “written a while ago and straight of the back off an argument. It's a love song I suppose, plain and simply asking the question...why does there have to be complications, can't attraction just be simple."

The verses capture flirtatious synthesizer pulses, citing moments similar to The 1975’s The City - the song dances around a dreamy haziness that thrives off stellar guitar layers and thick, angelic sounding pads. Fond of Rudy remain as an exciting band and their future looks just as bright, as their sleek display of indie-pop.

Single Review by Marge