Single Review: Drones - 'Rorschach'

We have always been fans of London band Drones, stumbling across them at an early Camden Rocks Festival slot two years ago, we have always been keeping a close eye on what they are up to. With a new single out, 'Rorschach' sees the band moving into a different territories with their sound.

It is a strange comparison, but you remember when My Chemical Romance made that jump between their first and second album, this is what this latest single feels like. We have always loved the punky, edgy vibe Drones have always had, but this new single sees the band cleaner and sounding bigger, with a giant chorus to match it.

With a big song comes a big meaning to its lyrics.

‘Rorschach’ “was written as a slap in the face to those of us who ‘suffer’ from so-called 'first world problems',” explains vocalist Lois McDougall. “We have freedoms that others spend their lives fighting for, and it's all too easy to forget that we live in a relatively protected and safe environment. The song is a simplistic attempt to adjust perspectives and the way people in our society perceive their every-day issues. We are the lucky ones, and to close our eyes to the suffering of refugees fleeing war or oppression is nothing less than selfish and savage. You have no more right to the freedoms which you have been handed than anyone else does.”

The track certainly makes a statement, with its lyrical content and massive chorus, Drones certainly make you take notice, if this single lays down what we are to expect from their album, 'Exiled', then they are a band that are not to be messed with.

Things can only get bigger from here with 'Rorschach'.

Review by Ant Adams

 'Rorschach' is out now, and their album 'Exciled' is set for release 9th March via Lockjaw Records 


28 London Tamesis Dock 

01 Corby Ex Servicemen's Club 
05 Brighton The Pipeline 
06 Canterbury UCA 
07 Portsmouth Edge of the Wedge 

18 19-21 Manchester Punk Festival