Single Review: Black Honey - 'Dig'

Its never simple when it comes to Black Honey, you can just tell they think about their music, and there is always something grand and cinematic about it all. Everything from the lyrics, to the video and even to the song itself. Maybe it's the Tarantino effect?

Like his films, he thinks about his dialogue, the hidden context and the soundtrack as one whole experience. This is what Black Honey do with their music, its a whole package.

They have had a busy year, with their first Glastonbury, storming Reading and Leeds Festivals, and are currently on tour with Royal Blood. Their new single 'Dig' is all of this year combined into a stunner of a song. 'You gotta dig it out', is one of the key lyrics to the song, and that is exactly what this band have done this year. They have dug their boots in deep and marched through it. It is certainly worth it, with their eagerly awaited debut album coming out next year at some point. With songs like 'Dig', we are certainly excited to see what else they have been writing. I don't want to use the word matured, because Black Honey have always been that. They have always been sure on who they are as a band. Sometimes that can take years, but they have known from the very start. However 'Dig' feels different, it still has all those little bits of Black Honey in it that we are all familiar with, but I dunno. It just feels like a new path and adventure has been taken for the band. An exciting path I might add.

Each new track that comes out, seems to get bigger and bigger. Once again is this the Tarantino effect? Like his films, each one manages to top the other. Is this new album their massive Hollywood blockbuster? We will have to find out....

Review by Ant Adams