Single Review: Sam Lynch - 'Mess You Made'

Vancouver-based bedroom folk artist Sam Lynch shares reflective debut single,  'Mess You Made'

 I'm so into stripped down songs where the artist understands that often, less is more when creating an emotionally affecting song. You have to have something really special on offer to pull of these kinds of songs and Sam Lynch is most definitely one of the special ones.

'Mess You Made' is a story-led song that sucks you in from the start. There's a wonderful tone to Sam's vocal, raw and warm, with a gorgeous folk twang that radiates out from moody, reverby guitar work, seeing the track plod along with a huge sense of loneliness and sorrow biting at its heels.

The track's theme is a relatable one for anyone who has had experience within a turbulent relationship. The kind that grinds you down to the point where you're so sick of the fighting, so done with picking yourself up off the floor and "cleaning up the mess" the other person made, you can't bare it anymore.

There's huge amounts of beauty and resilience found in the way Sam Lynch makes herself vulnerable in her music. I really hope whoever you are that might be reading this, you enjoy this song as much as I do.

Words of Karla Harris