Restless Modern - 'I'm Okay' (Single)

Vocalist, songwriter and producer, Restless Modern shares adrenaline spiking new cut, 'I'm Okay'. 

While we can't tell you a lot about who Restless Modern is, we can tell you he's a DIY artist, based in the USA and is making some really exceptionally crafted electronic tracks, that really do speak for themselves.

Straight from it's dark and ominous opening 'I'm Okay' spikes all the senses, taking its listener through a haunting rollercoaster of emotion and sound that is wholly affecting. Restless Modern's understanding of evocative melodies, and infusion of electronic, pop  future bass, cinematic nuances (and even a whole stripped back kind of trance vibe) is completely enthralling. However, he is measured in making sure the lyrical content and his vocal delivery doesn't take a back seat to the production.

Despite many of the artificial sums of its parts,  'I'm Okay' is one of the realest songs we've listened to in a long time,revealing itself as the perfect track to take a minute to check in on yourself and ask the question, "are you okay"?

Words of Karla Harris