Live Review: Tusks - Kamio, London 15/11/2017

Tusks @ Kamio - Photo Credit: Ant Adams
Her album 'Dissolve' quite easily sits in our top albums for this year, and last night Tusks celebrated it's release at London's Kamio.

And it was quite beyond something magical!

Tusks @ Kamio - Photo Credit: Ant Adams

Opening with 'For You' to an eagerly silent but full crowd. Her voice carries itself around the room, almost hauntingly. Echoing around every corner of the basement venue. This evening is all about showcasing what a fantastic album 'Dissolve' is, where songs like 'Ivy' completely destroys the room emotionally as Tusks delivers a faultless live performance of it. 

Tusks @ Kamio - Photo Credit: Ant Adams

As a record you can easily get lost in her creation, as it takes hold of you as you listen to it, but tonight you get to witness how much of a talented musician Tusks and her band are. As she explains to the crowd how difficult her songs are to play, with their unique time signatures. We get to experience her full musical talents this evening. 

Tusks @ Kamio - Photo Credit: Ant Adams

We get a full Tusks experience tonight; vocally, musically, and also visually. A lot of thought has gone into how everything is presented to the crowd, with stunning visuals as a back drop for her performance. All to add how heavenly her performance has been this evening.

Tusks - Kamio - London - 15.11.2017

We have always been a big fan of Tusks, the album is a masterpiece and easily sits up there in our top choices for 2017. But this evening will go down quite easily as one of the most beautifully captivating performances we have seen this year.

Review and Photography by Ant Adams