Live Review: TGE First 50 - Ten Tonnes, Freak, Feet and King Nun - Birthdays, London 23/11/2017

The Great Escape Festival always finds the best new and upcoming bands to play in the many venues around Brighton, having just announced the first fifty acts to play across the festival next year, they also announced several gigs around London to show off the freshest talent they have to offer. We made our way to Birthdays in Dalston to check out one of those very shows!

First up on tonight’s bill was alt-rockers King Nun, this four-piece filled the small basement with loud, abrasive sounds that were brimming with teenage angst. Highlight of their set would have to be ‘Hung Around’ which instantly woke up every person in the room with its punchy chorus and wailing guitar! ‘Tulip’ would have to be our second favourite out of the whole set, getting the audience dancing as every note struck them with the force of a tsunami. King Nun is band not to be messed with in 2018, look out for some very exciting stuff from these guys.

King Nun - Birthdays - 23/11/17

With a name like FEET most people aren’t sure what to expect but any previous doubts will instantly be cleared once you witness the captivating energy this 5-piece bring along when playing live. Not one member of the band was still for the entirety of the show, constantly coming into the first few rows of the audience or throwing themselves around the tiny stage as they blasted out the catchiest grungy punk songs we have heard in a while. Single ‘Petty Thieving’ has got to be our highlight of the performance, the clever lyricism and hard hitting drums and guitars during the chorus sold it and will be on our playlist for a while.

FEET - Birthdays - 23/11/17

The penultimate band on line-up this evening was a band that needs no introduction, FREAK have been rapidly gaining popularity on the indie/punk scene. With their DIY and “don’t care” attitude to making music, every song this band seem to release is pure gold, as if they have a magic Hit machine in their studio. Popular song ‘I Don’t’ off their newest EP really started the party tonight, every person including ourselves were grooving and singing to this instant banger. FREAK’s last song ‘I like to Smile when I’m Sad’ blew the roof off the tiny venue, its harsh guitar riffs and satirical lyrics is like a breath of fresh air in a somewhat saturated British music scene.

FREAK - Birthdays - 23/11/23

Tonight’s headliner was none other than the wonderful Ten Tonnes, with his haunting voice and array of catchy tunes; there’s no wonder why he is headlining tonight’s showcase and is pegged to be one of the hottest acts in 2018. Newest single ‘Cracks Between’ had the whole crowd signing along, which is surprising because of how short a time it has been out! Ten Tonnes classic ‘Lucy’ was an absolute dream to watch & listen to this evening, with its upbeat chorus that got the whole venue singing the words back, to the dreamy and calming last verse that shows off TT’s vocal capability’s. No doubt that this guy is going to be doing big things in the year to come; so it should be as he is an extremely talented musician and performer.

Ten Tonnes - Birthdays - 23/11/17

We can’t wait for TGE Festival next year, but this has just about quenched our thirst for upcoming bands, we have a lot of new music to keep us busy in the many months that follow!