Live Review: Slowcoaches - Boston Music Rooms, London 02/11/2017

Slowcoaches backstage before their set - Photo: Ant Adams

We caught Slowcoaches on the final night of their UK tour this month, as they headlined the Boston Music Rooms in North London. Their performance was nothing short of a full blown grunge punk show.

Slowcoaches backstage before their set - Photo: Ant Adams

On their home turf, the band spent the hours before their set greeting familiar faces as they entered the venue. It is great to see a band engaging with their audience, it might be friends or it might be fans, however it is easy for a musician to hide away in their changing rooms until they hit the stage. But to go out there, and meet people before you play, personally takes a lot of courage, and personally I find it quite respectful.

This is the band's last night on their UK tour, which has seen them play places like Scotland and Newcastle, so that is a lot of van hours, which can run down a band. This doesn't stop Slowcoaches, as they crash into their loud and noisy set of grungey punk. Heather Perkins spits the lyrics down the microphone like a roaring lioness.

Slowcoaches - Boston Music Rooms - 02/11/2017

Guitar riffs cut through you like barbed wire, as they are fast and angry, from start to finish in their set. Songs like 'Complex' show the darker side to Slowcoaches as the song builds to its climax in a live environment. Then 'We're So Heavy' makes the room tilt slightly with it's fast paced tempo.

Smashing out a full forty five minutes, can make it easy for the audience to loose interest at times. A genre that prides itself on being fast and simple, it can sometimes sound very similar. However Slowcoaches manage to hold the audience in the palm of their hands throughout their full set. Climaxing with Perkins laying flat down on the stage, as their long song comes crashing to it's end.

A fantastic end for the Slowcoaches tour, as they manage to hold it together to throw out a raw, edgy angry set, which is everything we love about them.

Bring on then next tour guys!

Review and Photography by Ant Adams


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