Live Review: Pvris - 02 Academy, Bristol 22/11/2017

PVRIS recently released their 2nd album this year, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, which has given even more proof that the 3-piece rock band that the overnight success of their debut album 'White Noise' was not a fluke. After completing a U.S. tour with rock legends Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars and a headline tour of their own, PVRIS come back to the U.K. bringing Tyne and COIN (who are making their first U.K. appearance) along with them.

Selling out the O2 Academy Bristol for the first leg of the tour is no surprise as the band have made a huge impact in the music scene since day one, the real surprise lies in the assortment of the fans. From the groups of teenage girls to the bearded gents wearing fully patched up battle jackets, everyone cannot get through the door quick enough to get to the front barriers in preparation.

Tyne and COIN are polar opposites when it comes to stage presence with Tyne brining a chilled pop vibe in the form of soft vocals, electric drum beats and keyboard melodies and COIN with their upbeat, high energy indie pop, neither one fail to get a positive reaction from the crowd. Both are great choices for the bill and will easily gain popularity by the end of the tour.

Tyne - O2 Academy - 22/11/17 - Bristol

Coin - O2 Academy - 22/11/17 - Bristol

PVRIS are welcomed by thunderous applause, with Lynn taking place behind the keyboard the band launch the set off with the title track from their 2nd album HEAVEN. The stage production is a perfect accompaniment for the Massachusetts trio with lucid and tranquil smoke displays across three screens and warm backlighting. The band have a solid place in the alternative rock scene and with a front woman like Lynn who throughout the set switches from piano to guitar and even drums it’s no surprise. Teamed with Brian’s (Macdonald) and Alex (Babinski) Pvris are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to putting on a show.

Pvris - O2 Academy - 22/11/17 - Bristol

The set list was a great split of old and new songs which was met with fans singing along word for word. “My House” was the easy favourite of the night made clear by the crowd drowning out Lynn’s flawless vocals as the chorus kicked in. As Pvris leave the stage chants of “Pvris” and “One more song” soon fill the academy along with the rumbling of stomping feet. “No Mercy” is played for the encore giving fans one last chance to lose themselves in the uniqueness that is Pvirs.

Review and Photography by Anthony Hunt