Live Review: Pins - The Garage, London 08/11/2017

Pins - Back Stage @ The Garage - Photo: Ant Adams
Pins brought the glitter, the glam and the big shoes to North London earlier this month when they headlined the Garage in Highbury. 

Pins - Back Stage @ The Garage - Photo: Ant Adams

It feels like something special this evening, Pins have been putting in the hard work since they formed in 2011, perfecting their sound, and touring aggressively time and time again. The venue is comfortably busy all the way to the back by the time the band take to the stage. And despite being in the middle of a tour, the band show no signs of being tired as they open with 'Trouble'.

Pins' set feels beautifully uncomfortable throughout the evening, the band themselves have also made sure you cannot pin point them to something, to a genre or scene. They like to make you feel challenged.

The best bit about watching them perform live, is that the audience might as well not be there, as the band lose themselves on stage with each other. Effortlessly in sync in a wall of noise, pulling down walls with genre, going from electro to punk in seconds. Latest single 'Serve the Rich' shows the band developing their sound further and it really gets the crowd stomping around the venue.

Pins -The Garage - London - 08.11.2017

Ending their encore in typical Pins style with 'Young Girls' and inviting a selection of female fans on to the stage to join them. In an industry where even now, there isn't as many female bands as there should be, the girls have performed like a pack of lionesses this evening. Effortlessly controlling the room from start to finish.

Everything about this band is different, its unconventional, from the songs, to the live show. Pushing you to challenge yourself all the way, and to fly that flag high when you do!

Review and Photography by Ant Adams