Live Review: Northlane - Electric Ballroom, London 25/11/2017

After releasing their fourth full studio album ‘Mesmer’ earlier in the year, Northlane have been on the road touring it for a considerable time; finally it was time to bring that tour to the UK!!

As distorted sounds blasted from the speakers and the strobes started flashing, the aussie powerhouses Northlane took to the stage, without a moment to react they kicked the show off with ‘Colourwave’, one of the newer songs in the band repertoire, but none the less it already sounds like a classic! Having been playing these newer songs for a while now, Northlane have perfected their sound and every note sounded exceptional! The majority of tonight’s set was dedicated to ‘Mesmer’,songs like ‘Heartmachine’ and ‘Citizen’ seemed to really connect with the audience, every person either singing the words or showing off their moshing ability throughout.

Of course a few classic Northlane songs needed to be thrown into the mix, the juggernaut tune that is ‘Quantum Flux’ turned the pit into a warzone, a huge chant of “SET ME FREE” exploded throughout Electric Ballroom this evening! Marcus Bridges iconic vocals sounded better than ever, hitting every high note and every low growl, absolutely flawless!! A memorable rendition of ‘Solar’ got the whole venue singing their little hearts out; you could see from Marcus and the rest of the bands faces that they were slightly taken aback by the incredible response that the UK fans delivered on this freezing winter evening.

Taking a short break before coming back for an very muchly deserved encore, the band strode onto stage to close the evening with ‘Paragon’, a definite favourite from the band’s latest album. A perfect way to end such an iconic set in the capital this evening!!

Northlane - Electric Ballroom - 25/11/17

Review and Photography by Joe Dick