Live Review: Milburn - Leeds University Stylus, Leeds 17/11/17

As we began walking through the Leeds Univesity Campus it was clear we were going in the right direction with the abundance of Milburn merch, Stone island jackets and Pretty Green t-shirts.

Scottish indie rockers Neon Waltz take to the stage to an underwhelmed crowd, but this didn’t stop them giving it 110%. The bands silky smooth harmonies echoing through this infamous venue. Although every time the band stopped playing the crowd began chanting Milburn, to which they played it off very well and responded with “They’re on soon, we’re not them”. The guitar tones throughout the whole set was both unique and very well put together with the vocals and synth. The only downside to this amazing band was the lack of stage presence from all but the lead singer.

Neon Waltz - Leeds University Stylus - 17/11/17

Entering the stage to the roar of the crowd, Milburn were raring to go. It was almost as if they never left, the crowd clearly filled with veteran fans alongside younger fans whom have recently joined the Milburn fanbase. The set filled with both old songs from their first stint as a band as well as newer songs from their new album. All of which were going down just as well as eachother. The crowd not slowing down in the slightest, with mosh pits and drinks being through right from the first riff to the last. The security were definitely kept on their toes throughout with the amount of crowd surfers being passed over the barrier. This incredible show definitely proved Indie Rock still has the attitude it’s known for from the early 2000’s and Milburn will hopefully be proving it for a long time to come. 

Milburn - Leeds University Stylus - 17/11/17

Review and Photography by Nathan Robinson