Live Review: The Lafontaines & Dottie Mai - The Lending Room, Leeds 13/11/2017

On a chilly Monday evening the doors to The Lending Room above the iconic Leeds based pub The Library opened. Albeit quite anti climactic for a band doing so well, as no one was waiting outside. 

The room slowly filled up as the hour wait from doors to the support act Dottie Mai.

As support we were treated to Dottie Mai whom brought her solo electro pop sound to warm this eager crowd up. Her set full of heavy backing tracks and soulful lyrics as described by her as “the best way to tell someone you hate them without telling them to their face”. Dottie tried quite hard to interact with the crowd but to no evail, it seemed this chill set was not one the crowd wanted to participate in. The set however was less than 20 minutes long, as explained by Dottie she writes and produces her own music so hopefully this means if we ever see her again the set would be filled with more of the amazing tracks this one was filled with. Although Dottie Mai was great it did seem a little out of place as a support for a Scottish rap fronted alt rock band.

Dottie Mai - Lending Room - 13/11/17

Next up we had our headline act The Lafontaines, starting the set just as energetic as the rest of it. Jumping around the stage, interacting with the crowd extremely well, these guys definitely know how to keep a crowd on their feet (or off their feet rather). Their music is a nice blend of Rap/Hip- Hop and Alt Rock with beautiful harmonies backing it up. Throughout the whole set they made sure to keep the crowd as a focal point of the performance by making jokes with them about Yorkshire being the home of Butter. A standout part of the set was when they decided to play a song stood on the bar along the back wall of the venue, this was then followed by the Bassist and frontman playing knelt down in a circle of fans.

The Lafontaines - Lending Room - 13/11/17

Photography and Review by Nathan Robinson