Live Review: Ghostpoet - Roundhouse, London 09/11/2017

I've been a fan of Ghostpoet ever since I heard 'Cash and Carry Me Home' on the playlist at work, and his style caught my attention as it was so different to anything else I'd heard before. When Ghostpoet first entered the stage at the infamous Roundhouse, he promised a show like no other, and boy did he deliver.

With barely a breath taken in between songs, he proceeded to blast through his catalogue of music, which is comprised of four albums. His most recent work is 'Dark Days and Canapés', which was released in August of this year.

The set had barely begun when he dropped what appeared to be a fan favourite: 'X Marks the Spot'. The set was then peppered with the addition of a string quartet, which added depth and drama to the performances. Throughout the set Ghostpoet paced round the stage like a caged animal, anticipating each delivery while maintaining his effortless cool.

His style of writing is almost like a stream of consciousness, whereby the consumer is given insight into his thoughts and feelings that is neatly and cleverly packaged into what I consider to be a type of sophisticated rap.

There was of course a performance of 'Woe is Meee', Ghostpoet's upcoming release that features an appearance from Massive Attack's Daddy G. The bluesy track is one of my favourites from 'Dark Days and Canapés', and has a slight country feel to it. The dark monologue steadily builds and is complimented by Daddy G's guest vocals.

For me, the highlights of the set were 'Shedding skin', and 'Freakshow', which was the last song of the set. Shortly afterwards, he returned for an encore, only to provide me with the song that sparked my interest five years ago. It was of course 'Cash and Carry me Home', and it did not disappoint.

Review by Charlotte McHale