Live Review: Fickle Friends - Kentish Town Forum, London 26/10/2017

Kentish Town experienced a Fickle Friends take over when they headlined their biggest show to date, at The Forum, some considered it a risky venue for the band, due to it's size, but the band managed to pull it off with a giant bang, as they led a full blown party to a huge youthful crowd.

Starting their set with 'Hello Hello', which with the heavily tropical-neon stage, laid down the bright, uplifting tone for the evening. The crowd's energy from the moment go was 110%, with arms flying in the air and singing the lyrics back to the band.

Fickle Friends kick into 'Brooklyn', and the whole band had this electric flowing through. It like all those doubts they may of had before this show were gone. That they had pulled it off, and had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Natassja Shiner gracefully dances around the stage, in her own little element, taking in every part of the experience.

Like every great gig, there has to be an encore, and the band lift the roof off with it, playing tracks 'Glue' and 'Swim', with the whole room erupting to lift the roof of the Forum. There is a group of artists at the moment, who are attracting an amazing crowd that is very youthful. Fickle Friends is one of those bands, it is refreshing to see a band engaging with a younger audience in venues this size. And it has certainly paid off for Fickle Friends, judging on how tonight went down.

We certainly look forward to festival season in 2018, these guys are clearly going to dominate it!

Fickle Friends - Kentish Town Forum - London - 26.10.2017

Review and Photography by Ant Adams